Dreamweaver Shortcuts & Thoughts On Coding

Created Tuesday, 25 September 2012 10:26 Last Modified Sunday, 16 June 2013 13:59

Here are a few handy shortcuts you may find useful. These should work when inside of a text window (as opposed to design view). Many of these are the same in other text editors.:

Ctrl/Cmd + z
Undo. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + z to redo.
Ctrl/Cmd + c
Ctrl/Cmd + v
Crtl/Cmd + x
Refresh design view
Crtl/Cmd + a
Select All
Ctrl + spacebar:
Should bring up Adobe's code hinting when in code view.
Ctrl/Cmd + f
Brings up find dialog. You can search within a file, search within all your site's files, search within a specific directory etc. - try playing around with the settings a little bit.
Ctrl/Cmd + g
Go to line. Very helpful if you are using a inspector (remember, Ctrl-click or right click in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera and select 'inspect element'. Inspect element can also be enabled in Safari.
Launch in primary web browser. Use Ctrl/Cmd + F12 to launch in secondary web browser.
Shift + F6
Validate HTML (this can check if you've got any open tags, or any typos in your tags.
Shift + F8
Validates links in an HTML document.

These few shortcuts should be enough to get you started. There are many more available to you. If you find a useful tool in any design or development application, you should usually try to find if there is a keyboard shortcut for it. It will save you a lot of time and make you look more professional if you know a lot of useful shortcuts.

On Copying & Pasting Code For The Purpose Of Accuracy

In this section I am talking about copying & pasting code that you wrote and understand, not taking code from other people and pasting it into your file. There are many benefits to copying & pasting code that you know works. For one, you will reduce your typing errors. Copying the line 'background-attachment: fixed;' is easier than typing it. Copy & paste can be especially useful if you are writing HTML code, for example, to create the definition list that the shortcuts are in, I typed this once:


After I had typed it once, I copied the middle line several times and began typing the shortcuts inside of the code.

<dt>Ctrl/Cmd + z</dt><dd>Undo. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + z to redo.</dd>
<dt>Ctrl/Cmd + c</dt><dd>Copy</dd>
<dt>Ctrl/Cmd + v</dt><dd>Paste</dd>
<dt>Crtl/Cmd + x</dt><dd>Cut</dd>

On Code Snippets

Any time you find yourself doing repetitive, redundant tasks that are redundant and repetitive over and over again & again, you should see if there is some way to make your life easier. If you have some bit of code you constantly recycle, you should store it somewhere it can easily be accessed - inside of a code snippet. Dreamweaver has a snippets panel with several common tasks already written, but you can write your own. Here's how:

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